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Multilingualism The system supports English, Thai and Chinese languages

Southeast Asia Custom Edition

Southeast Asian countries are the paradise of tourism.There are a large number of various countries.They have exclusively customized multilingual cash registers.Whether ordering, paying, waiter or guest can use their familiar language.Help restaurants to improve service experience and sales.

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Sample order

Eating peak, no need to increase manpower

Supporting the "Weixin/line/facebook Buffet Order" function, customers only need to scan the desktop two-dimensional code, or log on to the restaurant micro-store, can order buffet, without waiting for the attendant to be present. At the same time, the back kitchen can prepare the meal according to the table number according to the order content, the whole process of automation! Help you achieve peak customer diversion, greatly reducing labor costs.

Deep integration of multiple payment methods
The sea otter cash register system also supports WeChat, Alipay, bankcard, cash and group purchase verification, let you step by step, and then leave the queue to settle accounts, customers certainly love it.

Membership Precision Marketing

Accurate CRM helps you find more customers

Membership marketing, no need to envy the CRM of large enterprises.Now you can set up recharge gift, full reduction and cash-back activities according to different customers, in fact, more funds are flowing back.In addition, the Sea Otter Cashier System can help you analyze diving members, set up SMS push with one button, and activate with the system's built-in promotional function.

Business statement

Food and beverage special report directly pointing to the source of loss of profits

Sales - Cost = Profit?Maybe you should look at the statements when you find that profits are in place.You can use the proportion of foodsales, taste sales and other dimensions to measure business conditions,find unsalable dishes, and develop a best-selling portfolio.

Shop takeout

Take-out is very simple in mobile phone stores.

Self-built Weixin/line/facebook take-out platform, to facilitate fans to take-out remote, free from third-party take-out platform Commission kidnapping

personal stores

Manage stores anytime, anywhere

Even if you go out, you can open the browser to log in to the cloud background, or use your mobile phone to manage the stores. Sales data, inventory information, real-time monitoring video and so on are all in hand.

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The Otter Gold Consultant Team has consultants from different industries. We are a famous international consulting company, helping tens of thousands of enterprises to realize the informatization of management. Now, users of Yinbao Enterprise Edition can directly obtain exclusive gold medal services, including: 1 to 1 consultancy support, technical support, deployment and migration services.