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Explore HAITA POS hardware

Introduction, stylish, durable, fast, using HAITA POS hard Increase your business speed by 3 times

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Cooperative merchants

Learn about our collective situation through different directions and improve your The understanding of our brand makes you more assured to buy

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Why is there such a Many merchants like HAITA POS

Smart POS integrated solution

Combination of software and hardware, in-depth integrated solutions to help merchants more convenient Smart and efficient restaurant management

Digital restaurant

Help merchants build their own digital online restaurants to increase multiple sales channels and improve High sales

Aggregate takeaway orders

In-depth docking with local take-out delivery platforms, orders are automatically sent to the POS system The whole process is unmanned reducing human error and improving operational efficiency

Aggregate delivery service

In-depth docking with local delivery and distribution platforms to help merchants save distribution costs Up to about 60%

Hundreds of new and useful functions

Collect hundreds of codes for ordering, inventory management, membership marketing, multiple specifications, etc. The latest useful features

Digital cash register

Integrate multiple online payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay, and prompay Satisfy users' multiple payment needs and increase operating income

More than just a POS system


Run your entire restaurant

Manage all local and non-local orders in one
system information

Use restaurant-grade hardware that is 3 times
faster than the competition

Integrate your FOH and BOH, you can issue tickets
at most Shorten time 30%

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Reimagine your dining experience

Easily place orders and pay with your fingertips
Safer without contact

Provide services to guests in a faster way
Not only can reduce front desk labor costs
It’s safer and more secure

Increase your average votes by 12%

Handheld Pos

You can receive order messages anytime,
anywhereAnd contactless payment

Designed for restaurants, cafes, bars, and anti-drop
Dustproof, durable, stylish and simple

24-hour battery life

Commission-free digital ordering

Delivery via safe roadside pickup
and non-contact pickup Bring personal
safe and secure payment order

Online payment saves more limited
orders during the rush
To save time and eliminate more errors

Maintain your profit and guest data
to save commission

Member Center

Omni-channel membership: Omni-channel,
entire process, data collection
Online: advertising, coupons, group buying
takeaway, reservations, ordering,WeChat fans, reviews
Offline: invoice, membership card, order, payment
User portrait: gender, age, habits, preferences,
consumption frequency
Marketing plan: discounts, full discounts, coupons, points
User information: Internet local platform life
Takeaway platform, SMS

Aggregate takeaway orders

HAITA LIFE collects your online
orders directly Into your POS system
By saving time, money and reducing
order errors
Mistakes make your operation easier.

A better collaboration Smart meals for work Hall platform

More suitable
for customers

Bring better digitalization
to customers
Sense of experience

More suitable
for operation

Digital exchange is faster
and more convenient

leads you to faster restaurant management

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