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Haita life digital upgrade service provider, integrating 6 functions
Haita cateringSaaS is a SaaS platform developed for local restaurants in Southeast Asia, that is, business localizationR & D ordering system, member management, multilingual one click replacement, aggregate takeout orders, aggregate payment, reservation queuing system, etc. "Catering operators often pay attention to food and restaurants themselves, ignoring technology With the acceleration of the digitization process in Southeast Asia, the digitization of the catering industry is also imperative And catering SaaS will be an important driving force
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Digital business system Multiple official Awards
Have you ever thought that every order consumption of the merchant has something to do with you
Code scanning meal ordering reward
Rental income of software and hardware
Merchant transaction flow rebate
polymerization takeout revenue (by order)
Income from self owned takeout service
Member marketing system revenue
Digital system upgrade
Product advantages
increase of efficiency
Reduce labor costs
Digitization payment
Digitization Shop
Member marketing system
Aggregate takeout orders management system
Comprehensive support from headquarters
Solve your worries
Channel support
Professional documenter instructor Team training support
Activity support
Single reward, account opening Ka reward
Platform support
Provide powerful merchants Partners and camps Ability to sell multiple platforms
technical support
All directions, all the time Responsive service capability
Material support
Provide all offline bases Basic material support
Operational support
One to one operation team Online service capability
About us
Sea otter intelligent cashier system (English "Haita POS" I) is a new generation of intelligent cashier software independently developed by Beijing Xingchen Century Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xingchen century). Using cloud technology, it is one of the stable Cloud Architecture cashier software in China, one of the earliest cashier systems in the industry to realize real-time docking with mobile Internet, and the first cashier system developed based on cloud technology in Southeast Asia. Strong compatibility, cross platform support for most mainstream devices, and integrate a variety of payment methods to meet the needs of different users. It is equipped with corresponding auxiliary applications to facilitate the mobile, remote and chain management of merchants, and has a powerful O20 marketing function to help merchants expand Internet marketing channels such as wechat and app. At present, there are merchants in Southeast Asia, covering catering, retail convenience, baking, milk tea, coffee, monopoly, fresh fruits, shoes and clothing, life services and other industries.
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